The stunning collection is replete with symbolic resonance.The exquisitely carved Bamboo Bracelet, for example, is a tribute to a plant whose prolific growth and lush leaves have made it come to represent life-improvement, progression and success.Then there’s the smooth-edged Blessing Bracelet, a bangle whose trio of circular forms (inner ring, outer ring and circumference of the band itself) represent the human pursuit of eternal life.

The Princess Bracelet’s geometric form makes it emit a distinctly warm colour - a nod to human benevolence - whilst its hard texture symbolizes strength, its shininess peace.All bracelets are carved from a single block of the raw material, with stunning pieces such as the Peace Buckle Pedant resulting from the removed centre circle.

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A Story Behind Every Piece

Other jewellery pieces in the collection also boast figurative meanings which sing in harmony with their individual traits: maternal love in the case of the Jadeite Diamond Ring; perseverance in the case of the raindrop-shaped Diamond Pendant and Diamond earrings; outstanding achievements and safety in the case of the Willow Leaf Diamond Pendant.

Impartiality, honesty and righteousness are encapsulated in the Square Column Diamond Pendant, happiness and prosperity in the case of the Fortune Gourd Diamond Brooch.

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