What Makes A Material Precious?

Scarcity, durability and beauty all come into the mix - hence gold having been such a sought after-commodity ever since modern humans began trading across continental lines.Then there are factors such as history, provenance and romance. Jadeite - in its most vibrant, emerald-green form - is so highly prized because it boasts all these attributes - and much more.

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Asprey’s new Imperial Jadeite collection, one which sees British artisanal heritage, rich Chinese folklore and a mesmeric geological marvel come together as a holy triumvirate. Bracelets, bangles, pedants, rings, broaches, necklaces and elaborately carved sculptures all feature in a collection that is replete with ancient symbolism.The stories behind these pieces are as emotionally stirring as a material whose unsurpassed beauty have made it one of the most lauded gemstones in history.

As a creator of life-enriching heirlooms in materials from silver to crystal via china and leather since 1781, Asprey has now created a collection made of Imperial Jadeite: an even more elevated form of the mineral, whose molecular structure and resulting hue – a beguiling, translucent green – matches up to the quality certain Empresses would have insisted on in centuries past.

Purely Exquisite Carvings

There’s more to the collection than jewellery. Thanks to laser carving technology and artisanal ingenuity, beguilingly intricate depictions of bamboo plants, cabbages, walnuts, steep rural landscapes and notable figures from Chinese legends - contain none of the mottled or colourless areas found in any block of raw material despite their bulk.

The intricate carving of beautiful forms from a mineral fashioned over millions of years of tectonic activity has a poetic congruity with human story-telling. Which is apposite, as this collection is an exciting new chapter in the narrative of one of the most storied raw materials on the planet.

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